Corner Time

I don’t know how everyone else feels about it but being put in the corner during our last punishment was a very emotional experience and one that has had me thinking all week.

I had never been put in a corner before our last punishment session. It is something that we had talked about and something that I thought he might incorporate into ttwd but he had never done it. He has sat me on the side of the bathtub before but never in the corner with my bare behind on display.

When he sits me down it is for the same reason as corner time but he often closes the door and leaves me there for awhile. I am alone and in some ways it is a relief. The tub is cool which is nice and it is quiet. He never leaves for very long so I don’t get anxious or lonely.

Corner time wasn’t long either but it had a completely different affect on me. I really don’t know another time I felt more childish and vulnerable than when he first put me there. Part of it may have been that he took me completely by surprise when he did it. He brought me over to that side of the room, pulled my skirt down, placed me there, and stepped away. I could hear him moving around the room but couldn’t see him and being on display was very humbling. It is the thing we have done that has made me feel my submission the strongest.

I think it is fair to say that we are both spankos, me probably more than him, but we both enjoy it. If we didn’t have a Dd relationship there would continue to be spanking in our lives so spanking, for me has adult connections. Even when he punishes me with spanking I think that because we do this as adults it does not affect me in the same way.

Children are put in corners, not adults. We don’t play around with corner time like we play around with spanking. It felt childish because it is childish. Knowing he could see me and I couldn’t see him also made me much more sensitive to his presence.

In many ways it is the most powerful thing he has done. I truly didn’t expect to feel his power and my submission so fully in that act. It took me completely by surprise and took much more strength for me to stand there than I ever thought it would.

I explained a little of this to Alex and he was surprised but pleased I think. I’m sure it won’t be the last time he uses it. This journey has not ceased to amaze.

20 thoughts on “Corner Time

  1. Corner time plays a very important part when a naughty woman is about to be corporally punished. It stands for humiliation. Yes, just before a woman’s bottom is bared to be given a good spanking, corner time lets her contemplate her naughtiness.

  2. Corner time is very humbling for me. I find that I react a bit differently to it sometimes though. I guess it depends on the situation, how I’m feeling already, etc. Anyway, I imagine you’ll find yourself in the corner again, especially now that Alex knows the effect it had on you.

    1. Hi Grace. Yes I think I will be there again and I think you are right about feeling different depending on the situation.

  3. My husband used to use it before maintenance, back before we had a good handle on how m worked for us. He’d give me something to think about and then put me there. I hated it and it made me so angry/rebellious. He finally gave up on it b/c it left me in such a state. He ended up spanking me for my attitude about the corner sometimes.

    He used it a couple times after a punishment and that had a completely different effect. Very much like the one it had on you. If he ever used it again, I sure hope it would be in this latter way. You described it well…the effect it has is rather profound.

    1. It did indeed feel profound at the time. I guess we will see if it makes me angry in the future. I would not like to get in more trouble because of it, that is for sure. 🙂

  4. I agree it can be very effective. We used to use it a lot more, but in some ways it’s distracting for me. All I can think about in the corner is, “This is so awkward that I’m a grown woman standing in a corner…” as opposed to what I was supposed to be thinking about. That said, it does make me quite contrite after, so I suppose it is effective.

    I like your tub idea, I’d never heard of that one, but it sounds a little better than a corner.

    1. I absolutely had a “I’m a grown woman standing in a corner” moment, and it was effective.

      Yeah, he calls that spot on the tub “the bad girl chair.” Such a clever guy.

  5. Thanks for sharing. We’ve not used this yet, but I’ve thought about it and so I was glad to read your thoughts and the comments above as well.

  6. Cornertime is something occasional. I agree with what Grace says that it has different effects due to how I might be feeling at that time. But generally, yes, it makes me feel very submissive.

    Dee x

  7. I would think it to be very effective with me if done right. But I think DH will have to work on his confidence a bit more until he feels comfortable enough with having the right to do this.

    1. I think that is very true what you said about confidence. I asked Alex and he said so too. He needed to get comfortable/confident enough with this to use it.

  8. Corner time helps me unwind before I’m punished, and it helps me reflect on why I’m recieving a punishment. I have a very high pain tollerance, maybe because I’m so damn strong minded, I don’t know, but I tend to take alot before a spanking has a real effect. Corner time helps my mind get things sorted out before my bottom starts working on them, and he ends up having to spank less to get the result we both need. When I’m bent over after being in the corner my mind is in a better place for it all, and it helps alot.
    I think this also has to do with how it’s done. If he just tells me to “Go Stand in the Corner”, I listen, but it doesn’t work as well. If he takes me by the arm, brings me to the corner, bares my bottom and gives me a few good smacks before he leaves me there, corner time is much more effective. He will also hand me a bar of soap to put in my mouth before he warms my bottom and leaves me in the corner if it was my mouth that got me in trouble. The entire time I’m then standing in the corner I’m to hold the bar of soap in my mouth. Then, when he calls me to him he removes the soap himself. I always get a spanking after I stand in the corner, niether of us think it would work well for me to use it as a punishment on it’s own.

  9. The corner is always part of my correction for my cooling down/change my attitude time. Also if I act like a child, I am treated like one.

  10. i meant to reply to this and then life got in the way. ugh. so now i’m late to the party. sorry.

    anyway, i’ve never been in the corner and i’m not sure how i would feel about it. when i’m beginning to distance myself (if i haven’t had a spanking in a week or so…) i think things like, “i’m a spanked grown woman! how stupid is that!?” and then when i get spanked and i’m reeled back in to a better head-space, i don’t think it’s so terrible—altho hubby still doesn’t use it. he’s threatened. also, with four kids in the house it’s not a possibility right now and i sure as heck don’t want soap in my mouth! bless your heart. if the soap tasted like sour patch kids, then fine, but otherwise, no thank you. how do you manage around that one?

    this was a great post, by the way. 🙂

    1. Corner time is time tom be miserable waiting for the spanking. Standing or kneeling, sometimes a bar of soap in the mouth or a figged bottom. I break quickly. After the spanking, he cuddles me and saves me from my fall from grace. The further I fall, the higher I bounce back.

  11. I wish my husband would put me in the corner. The problem is that we are both spankos but he leans toward submissive, at least about sexual matters. He will spank me within a punishment context, which is just what I want and need, but only once has he told me to stand in the corner. It both excited and humbled me, and I will never forget it. I think that he knows how much I want corner time, but he might possibly feel silly following through with it. I feel too embarrassed to give hints, and for now it’s an unfulfilled need.

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