Ten Word Tuesday

ten poolball

Hi all. Haven’t blogged much. Plan to do it more.

Fall means more privacy and more spanking. That is good.

Ripe bananas on counter. Need to go make banana bread.

Ten Word Tuesday


Alex is gone for ten whole days. Miss him so.

No exercise for too long equals pounds gained. Walking again.

Time to start cookie baking for the holiday. What fun.

Just read those two together. The story of my struggle.

Ten Word Tuesday

For those affected by Sandy, many good thoughts and prayers.

College kids home this weekend. Can’t wait. Counting the days.

No big Dd news. Just chugging along. Good I guess.

Ten Word Tuesday

Here I go again…

Spirit Week. High School. Dress-ups used again. Throw nothing away!

No Alex. Gone for the week. I miss him so.

Forgiveness is one of the best things about Domestic Discipline.

Ten Word Tuesday

And for my next installment…

Still no voice. This sucks. When will it come back?

Daughter had voice lesson yesterday. Ironic since I can’t talk.

Can’t take it. Finally giving in and going to doctor.

Ten Word Tuesday

I saw this idea somewhere in my internet surfing and thought it might be a fun thing to do sometimes. Use ten word to describe you at that moment. Ten words. No more. No Less.

There are times when ten words may be all I can manage and others when it might be a real challenge. At those times I reserve the right to use multiple phrases. My blog, my rules right? Since this is the first one this is one of those times. 🙂

Ten words. Not much but hopefully just enough for this.

Watermelon season is coming to an end. So, so sad.

Maintenance Monday. Paddle and strap. Feeling very well cared for.

This journey would be so much harder without my blog.

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