What Is It About Corner Time?

On the sidebar of my blog there is a list of popular posts and pages. Somehow a post I wrote well over one year ago stays on that list day in and day out. It is the post I wrote entitled Corner Time.  In it I wrote about our first experience with corner time and how it made me feel childish. At the time it was new to both of us which I think intensified whatever feeling I had about it.

We have grown a lot since then and corner time is still something he will incorporate from time to time. We don’t have a really defined punishment or maintenance ritual for that matter so I really never know when it will be thrown into the mix but if he does it usually means that he is planning a pretty serious session. And I guess that is the point. It is an escalation. It adds time to the session and time to think about what we are doing and why we are there.

It is also a submission exercise of sorts because at the end of the day there is nothing keeping me there but me. He has decided to put me there and I stay.

It is not always serious though. Sometimes he does it for him. I know sometimes I am there just because he felt like putting me there and likes the view. 😉

None of these things are new or different really to what others have said about corner time. What I find interesting is how many people find it interesting too. Is it tied to a greater need and searching for structure and discipline. Is it a D/s thing? Is it just kink or curiosity? Just some of my musings this fine Friday morning.

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  1. Hi Zoe, Like you we do not use this very often, I quite like it though. Is that odd? It makes me feel more submissive and actually more dominated I suppose. I am really doing as I am told. He generally only uses it if he is cross, my tummy flips as soon as he tells me to wait there, I know I am in a teeny bit of trouble, trouble there is no talking my way out of. I am never there for long and it is usually before a spanking. I think he partly does it to wind me up!
    love Jan.xx

  2. Yeah corner time is very intimate I think. It takes the guy to have confidence to send his woman there, but I agree it is a great exercise in submission on the sub’s part. DH does it every once in a while, although he sends me into our closet..

  3. Hmmm, interesting. Corner time is something Michael typically only utilizes during a punishment. So, I’m not sure how I’d feel about it outside of that context. In that context it’s actually something I welcome.

  4. I have always favored a naughty woman spending sometime in corner time. Yes, it gives her feeling of submission. And by putting the spanking implement be it a paddle, hairbrush, birch rod, or cane along side her helps her knowing her submissive side.

  5. Roz

     /  09/28/2013

    Hi Zoe, corner time is rare here, but does happen from time to time and is used mostly in conjunction with a spanking. Very occasionally as a consequence on its own.

    While I hate it overall, part of me kind of likes it. I think because it is a show of dominance on his part and submission on my part.


  6. Ya know, I have noticed that on your sidebar and wondered the same thing.

    Honestly, I have no fascination with it whatsoever. I hated it with a thorough passion way back when MM used it. I hated it so much that it caused us problems…so he stopped using it. Some would say I out-stubborned him but I don’t think so. It just didn’t work for me.

  7. Yes, I love anything I’m told to do, so corner time would be a win for me.

  8. I was curious about corner time, largely because I’d never experienced it (even as a child). Maybe others are curious about new things, too? Though experiencing it for real usually kills the curiosity. 🙂

  9. willie

     /  10/04/2013

    Wait…is corner time really like your picture ? I’m IN!!!

  10. I think it is definitely a D/s thing, at least for me. I don’t enjoy it, but it makes me feel wonderfully submissive, which just makes life more enjoyable. A sassy wife in a DD relationship can only lead to butt-ache!

  11. Ami

     /  10/17/2013

    We seriously don’t have corners upstairs as we are up under the roof, and usually if it is that type of a situation I sit and wait on the bed. It is something that fascinates me somewhat, but if I was ordered to a corner my reaction would very likely be “On your bike!”

    Like Susie, I think it would cause me lots of problems. We are only just beginning to open our souls to each other, so to put me in a corner just to think, would, on the whole, have a rather detrimental effect – all I would be thinking would be unkind and stroppy thoughts.

    Glad you like it though. That’s the main thing.


  12. Shona

     /  05/23/2014

    We were having a gorgeous weekend last week. Just us and only us. Did what we wanted and just spent time together enjoying each other’s company. I am the submissive wife loved and cherished by my wonderful husband.
    We were sitting in armchairs opposite each other and were in the middle of a very intellectual discussion sharing our opinions on a list of topics. And suddenly HE told me to go the corner. During our talk I had to get up and go to the corner. I went to the corner, stood there for some time then was allowed to get out, returned to the armchair, resumed our talk. Then again “Corner” and I was in the corner. HE did this three times during our conversation. Each time he explained that I was disobedient or argued illogically.
    Suddenly the whole conversation out of a an exchange of opinions turned into an erotically charged connection!


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