My Spanko Card

I mentioned in my last post how we had barely spanked all summer.

Happily since then we have managed to carve out two kid free times the past two weekends. Finally!

Last Saturday started with a little fun and sexy spanking. Even though it was pretty light and with nothing too ouchy I was soon ooing and owing.

You are pretty squirmy and protesting a lot!

I know but we haven’t done this in a long time.

I don’t know about you. I think we may have to revoke your spanko card!

Who knew there were even spanko cards but apparently I was in danger of loosing mine. Humf!

We had a nice day, spending time together and getting a few things done. Toward the end of our time alone it was becoming clear that he was not really going to spank again and so, not wanting to loose my card, and wanting to do a real maintenance session, I kind of challenged asked if we could do maintenance.

I wasn’t really counting on an all wood spanking but that is what I got. He called it an all white wood afternoon. At the beginning of this journey when I was too curious for my own good I purchased a very long beechwood paddle/mixer and a long crepe spatula from Sur la Table.

sur la paddle
sur la spatula

Now Ladies let me just say that wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done. The spatula is thin and light and one of the stingiest things we own. The paddle has more weight so it is more thuddy but really no better. They are both about two feet long. I hate them both. Add to that a little bath brush action and I was a well spanked girl by the end and feeling in full possession of my spanko card.

Maybe it is just me but that rather serious spanking was exactly what I needed to feel like we were getting back on track. It wasn’t a punishment per se and he didn’t lecture or anything like it was but it helped us both to put anything from the weeks of non spanking behind us and feel like we could move ahead.

Last night we managed again to be kid free! It was actually an anniversary of sorts. Alex took our son back to school so last night was essentially the two-year anniversary of our new life including spanking and eventually Dd. Back two years ago I couldn’t have imagined that we would be living like we are now. I had never heard of Dd and HoH’s. I had never considered living a Dominant/submissive type of life. I just knew that what we were doing was not working at all and if we wanted to stay together and be happy we needed more and somehow that more would and should include spanking.

The fact that it has evolved into a Dd relationship with definite aspects of D/s were not even in my imagination back then but as I look back on that first night two years ago it included aspects of both. Somehow we both were open to what we do now even if we couldn’t name it then.

Last night was all about us. We connected through spanking (thankfully no wood this time) and some really hot fun in the bedroom. When he was done he playfully mentioned my spanko card again and said I had definitely earned the right to keep it. I guess that is what regular maintenance will do for a girl.

This journey has been many things but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I hardly recognize the couple we are today from the broken, unhappy people we were before. Many things have contributed to this and it has been hard work.

For us though that spanko card has been an integral part of this journey. I’m glad I have mine.

Shopping With a Friend

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with a friend getting lost inside a wonderful antiques mall we have here in town. It is a place full of so many fun and quirky items.

As a spanko I have to say that I find trolling an antiques market much more interesting these days than I did in the past. There are so many potential implements available.




butter paddles,


old wooden spoons,


and fraternity paddles

may all be available if you look hard enough.

Yesterday while wandering the isles we came upon a booth with two different antique fraternity paddles. I couldn’t resist going over and pointing them out. I picked them up and commented how much heavier the one was than the other and how serious it would be.

Her response to them was that they were “perfectly awful” She said she had never noticed how much they looked like a short cricket bat before and wondered if they got their shape from that. I told her I didn’t think so since cricket is not an American game and the paddle is traditionally used in America. I could tell she was quite uncomfortable with them and their intended purpose.

Good to know. If I was ever tempted to tell her about my Dd life I now know that she would probably not be the right choice. She definitely seemed to have an aversion to them and was quite uncomfortable. Oh well.

I’m glad that I have all of you for any ranting and raving or processing that I may need to do. Thanks for that!

Now, the question is… do I go back and buy them? They really were reasonably priced. Nah… I’m not that crazy!

Side Note: I just showed this to Alex before posting.

Cricket Bat huh? I didn’t think of that. We have one of those! 

Oh No! 🙂