Ten Word Tuesday

And for my next installment…

Still no voice. This sucks. When will it come back?

Daughter had voice lesson yesterday. Ironic since I can’t talk.

Can’t take it. Finally giving in and going to doctor.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Going to the doctor sounds like a great idea! Hope you’re doing better soon. Hugs!

  2. Blondie

     /  09/25/2012

    Zoe, I hope that you are feeling better really soon.(10 words)

  3. Wow that sucks. Probably a good idea to go and see a professional. Good luck!

  4. 😦 Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Oh, I do hope the doctor can find your voice!
    All good girls need to talk as much as possible!

  6. Good! Well, not good at all but glad you are going to see the doctor to make sure it’s nothing really serious. You must be going nutty by now.

  7. I hope it comes back soon, it is definitely no fun not being able to talk. Have some ice cream in the meantime 😉

  8. SNP

     /  09/25/2012

    Hope you got to see the doctor or will see one soon. Feel better soon:)

  9. Zoe

     /  09/25/2012

    Hi all. Thanks for all the nice wishes. Susie is right, I am going a little nutty but have antibiotics and cough meds and the like. I at least have a little bit of a froggy voice now. Bronchitis, sinus infection. Oh joy. The meds should fix me up (and the ice cream.)

  10. Michele

     /  09/26/2012

    We have had our share of sickness here too. Isn’t it too early for all this. It is only September! Feel better!!

  11. 😦 Probably a good idea to head to the drs. I seem to have picked up a cold myself. Blah. I hope you get your voice back soon!


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