Is Anybody Out There?

imageI really can’t believe it has been 14 months since I wrote anything here. It’s funny. When I first started blogging and were new it was really pretty all consuming, that feeling of wanting to put all that I was thinking and feeling down in a post. I’m a very verbal person but this is not something you can talk about with anyone you know. (At least for me.) And so I wrote. I wrote here and I wrote on my private blog just for Alex.

But after awhile it began to feel like I was saying all the same things, and feeling all the same things. We are up. We are down. We are good. We are struggling. The kids are home so we have pretty much put the dynamic away for a bit. The kids are gone so I think things will improve. I really want this. Does he really want this? We talked. We are trying again. On. And on. And on. Broken record.

Who wants to read that? Who wants to see the same thing over and over? But probably more significantly for me, why would I want to write that. It became a graphic representation of our stagnation. And so I quit writing.

But lately I have been feeling like even if that is the case I should write again. I need to process things now just as much as before and this is still an excellent way to do that. So I am going to do that.

I am going to write. I am going to make myself write. I would love to tell you that everything is going strong but as always we are a work in progress and I continue to be in a position of pushing or pulling him along with me. But maybe this introspection will help that process along.

Anyway, hello again. Is there anybody out there? I hope there is someone still there but even if you have all gone away I’m still here and beginning again.

My next post will be a full update and some thoughts on where I am but I wanted to start with hello.

Love Our Lurkers!




Hello all!

I haven’t posted in several months and there is much to report. I will put up a new post to catch up this week but in the meantime I didn’t feel like I should let LOL 9 Day go by without jumping in. Our Dd and D/s has been changing and evolving lately and we are still sorting things out but we are moving in a good direction.

If  you are still reading here after my hiatus I am so grateful. So please come out of the shadows if you are here. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks to Hermione for hosting LOL 9.  It was just the thing I needed to get back to blogging!



It’s Been Two Years


Two years ago I signed up for a WordPress account and wrote a few posts. Alex read them and approved and I very nervously hit publish and A Uniquely Different Life was born. It felt so unique and different to how we were before we started our Dd relationship that the name just sort of seemed an obvious choice at the time.

I also had to pick a name. I think that was fate because I truly just picked  Zoe because I liked it. Then I did some research  on the name and it turns out that in Greek Zoe means Life and in Japanese Zoe means Uniquley Different. What!? Cool. A name for me and the blog were born.

I really cannot thank all you wonderful readers enough for being here and taking time out of your lives to read here in my little corner of blogland.  I have made some real friends and cherish you all more than I can say. I still get a thrill when I see I have a comment. Thanks to you all!

I haven’t always felt like I had as much to say  in the past few months but I think that is normal. Many of the bloggers who started at the same time or before me have gone away or are posting less as well. I am making a concerted effort to post on a more regular basis. I do this for me and for my need to examine the thoughts swimming around in my head but also for the connection to all of you. And it really does help my marriage. Alex is my first and most important reader.

So thanks again to you all. On to year number three!

Bear Hugs For Emily

For Emily 3

As many of you know Jim and Christina’s little girl Emily has been very sick. We are continuing to send love and prayers to them for her full and complete recovery.
Every night at 9pm you can join in sending prayers for Emily. Hopefully the thoughts and positive energy will help in some small way.
Christina and Rogue both have been leaving updates on their blogs:
Thanks to Patty Devlin (click here to grab a pic), we can all send hugs to Jim & Christina. If you want you can make a post of your own to show Jim and Christina just how much we all care and send well wishes for Emily and the whole family.