Happy Valentine’s Day

I was doing a bit of research on Valentine’s day and found this little tidbit. I don’t know about the fertility thing but I will take the spanking!


History of Valentine’s Day

Like Halloween, the origins of Valentine’s Day are rooted in Paganism, specifically in a Pagan fertility festival known as Lupercalia, says National Geographic. The festival – which was “wildly popular” until the fifth century AD – was celebrated annually on 15 February. It was customary for men to use whips fashioned from the skins of a goat or dog to spank young maidens in order to increase fertility – “an early form IVF if you will,” remarks Tom Chivers in the Daily Telegraph.

Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/arts-life/57294/valentines-day-pagan-spanking-romantic-ornithology#ixzz2tKhJIAZc

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  1. Blondie

     /  02/14/2014

    Very interesting. That explains why sex is such a big part of Valentines Day. Love your little tidbits of information. Happy Valentines Day

  2. That is awesome and hadn’t hear of it until this morning…Happy Valentine’s Day!~

  3. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

     /  02/14/2014

    Interesting bit of trivia. Hope you are enjoying the day.

  4. Well it does bring the ‘blood’ rushing to the area, and can make some of us more amorous. Not too far off from fertility if you ask me! Hope you had a wonderful VD! *wink*

  5. Roz

     /  02/18/2014

    Hi Zoe, sorry I am so late to this. I’m just catching up with blogland after the weekend. Very interesting, hadn’t heard of this until now. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day.



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