A Request

I could write an update about us and how we are doing. We are good but instead of talking about us I would like to talk about something else today.

My neighbor’s granddaughter has Leukemia. She was diagnosed when she was 2 and is now 3. When she was first diagnosed everyone was of course worried and concerned but survival rates have improved significantly over the years and we were very hopeful that she would make a complete recovery. She had a bone marrow match and received a transplant. We were all certain that would be the cure she needed. Unfortunately that was not the case.

I won’t go into all the specifics but suffice it to say that she is still a very sick little girl.

From time to time we reach out to each other for prayer or positive toughts about something and I can’t think of anyone who needs them more than this little girl. Her parents and family are doing everything in their power to bring her back to the happy healthy girl she was but it is tough going.

So please say a prayer, or send up a wish, whatever you do.  They have a strong support system here and many people praying but she needs all the faith, trust and pixie dust she can get!

Thanks Everyone!


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  1. Oh, it’s horrible when children suffer. We’ll definitely keep her in our thoughts and pray that she makes a full recovery.

  2. catrouble

     /  02/12/2014

    Hey Zoe…Sending prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts for your neighbor’s granddaughter and their family.

    Hugs and Blessings…

  3. Roz

     /  02/12/2014

    Hi Zoe, sending positive thoughts and prayers to your neighbour’s granddaughter and family. There is nothing worse than to see a child go through something like this.


  4. Zoe,

    My thoughts are with this little girl and her family.


  5. Oh Zoe, how sad this is. Our thoughts are with the little girl and her family
    love Jan,xx

  6. quiet sara

     /  02/12/2014

    Praying right now. ❤

  7. Prayers and healing vibes on their way!

  8. Hi Zoe, I am holding your neighbors granddaughter, as well as her family in my thoughts and prayers. How heartbreaking it is to see children (or anyone) going through such things. I wish her well. Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie

  9. Rose

     /  02/13/2014

    😦 It is not right that children so young should suffer. Said a prayer for them.

  10. Zoe

     /  02/13/2014

    Thank you so much everyone! You are all the best!


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