The Grand Finale

Sometimes things can get downright silly around here.

The other day we managed to get some privacy for some maintenance. It was going pretty well and was mostly lighthearted. He had used several implements and they were all out on the bed.

Finally he said we were almost done but that now it was time for the fireworks grand finale.


That sounded ominous.

He proceeded to explain that in a fireworks display the grand finale was a rapid fire display of all the kinds of shells with extra bangs at the very end.

He translated that concept over to many quick swats from all the implements in rapid succession. He was really very playful about the whole thing and while it was a little tough to take it was way more fun than serious and had us both laughing by the end.

If all we ever did was spank for serious reasons I think it might be hard to keep this up. To me that is one of the benefits of maintenance. It allows us to be more playful at times in our spanking relationship and to keep this all in perspective. Life is too short to be serious all the time and this part of our relationship is no exception. I like his creative silliness.

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  1. willie

     /  04/02/2013

    Almost all of our Reconnection Appointments, ( as clearly I can’t be maintained) end up with one of us laughing. Mostly because he is tired. LOL. I can’t imagine it always being so weighty. You are right. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh!

  2. Amen! I agree one hundred percent! Life is just too short!

  3. Sunny Girl

     /  04/02/2013

    I agree with you, life is way too short to be serious all the time.

  4. mybeahind

     /  04/02/2013

    There is a YouTube video of a using five bottoms as drums. Search drummer spanking on YouTube and you’ll find it. Definitely a grand finale!

  5. mybeahind

     /  04/02/2013

    *guy using five

  6. catrouble

     /  04/03/2013

    Hey Zoe…I agree with you also…life is definitely too short to be serious all the time! Thanks for the smiles. 😉


  7. Roz

     /  04/03/2013

    Hi Zoe *smiling*, Grand finale eh, I love it but ouch!

    I am with you, life is too short to be serious all the time, and Dd doesn’t have to be serious all the time. In fact, it’s the silliness that can make us feel the most connected sometimes.


  8. Hi Zoe, how true, life is very short, we are always laughing ,
    Love Jan.xx

  9. Bas

     /  04/03/2013

    That’s why we use fireworks for festive occasions.
    So that everybody will understand that it is a feast.

  10. Hi Zoe,

    I’ve experienced many of those grand finales. There’s a little bit of the showman in many spankers:)


  11. Thanks, this gave me a much needed giggle, Zoe. Now I’m thinking in terms of virtuosos, lol.


  12. Yay for a little silliness! Too much seriousness all the time could make ttwd too much for me too. 🙂

  13. Zoe

     /  04/04/2013

    Thanks everyone! A little silliness goes a long way. Glad you liked this.

  14. MyBeahind

    The guy drumming on five ‘behinds’ was a terrific video.



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