Happy Easter

We are on our way out of town for Easter weekend and I will be entering an internet abyss so I want to put up a really quick post to wish you and yours the most wonderful and blessed of Easters!

I hope it is warming up where you are and that Spring is right around the corner.

Happy Easter to All!


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  1. Roz

     /  03/29/2013

    Happy Easter Zoe! Safe travels and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. SunnyGirl

     /  03/29/2013

    Happy Easter to you too. Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy Easter and God bless you and yours -Belle L.

  4. Katie

     /  03/29/2013

    Happy Easter Zoe! My daughter knew exactly what the treat was that you told us about in your last post. She had a couple of friends sleep over last night and they made them. I just noticed that they were having some for breakfast as well! They look delicious! I am on an ultra low fat diet for medical reasons right now so can’t try them. 😦 Thanks for sharing that recipe! The kids had fun! 🙂

  5. It is warming up here. No more frigid 50s & 60s, We’re back in the mid 80s lol
    Yeah, I live in paradise 🙂
    Have a safe journey and blessed Easter Zoe!
    – MrBBSpanker

  6. willie

     /  03/29/2013

    HAPPY EASTER ZOE !!! It is warming up and more importantly with the time change, the sun is out longer!!

  7. Hi Zoe, I hope you and yours have a lovely Easter, We are both working:( . Never mind, soon be spring, change our clocks this weekend, flowers are coming up, life is good
    love Jan.xx

  8. Happy, Happy Easter, Zoe & family 🙂


  9. catrouble

     /  03/29/2013

    Happy Easter Zoe! Have a wonderful weekend and watch out for the crazies on the road!



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