Shopping With a Friend

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with a friend getting lost inside a wonderful antiques mall we have here in town. It is a place full of so many fun and quirky items.

As a spanko I have to say that I find trolling an antiques market much more interesting these days than I did in the past. There are so many potential implements available.




butter paddles,


old wooden spoons,


and fraternity paddles

may all be available if you look hard enough.

Yesterday while wandering the isles we came upon a booth with two different antique fraternity paddles. I couldn’t resist going over and pointing them out. I picked them up and commented how much heavier the one was than the other and how serious it would be.

Her response to them was that they were “perfectly awful” She said she had never noticed how much they looked like a short cricket bat before and wondered if they got their shape from that. I told her I didn’t think so since cricket is not an American game and the paddle is traditionally used in America. I could tell she was quite uncomfortable with them and their intended purpose.

Good to know. If I was ever tempted to tell her about my Dd life I now know that she would probably not be the right choice. She definitely seemed to have an aversion to them and was quite uncomfortable. Oh well.

I’m glad that I have all of you for any ranting and raving or processing that I may need to do. Thanks for that!

Now, the question is… do I go back and buy them? They really were reasonably priced. Nah… I’m not that crazy!

Side Note: I just showed this to Alex before posting.

Cricket Bat huh? I didn’t think of that. We have one of those! 

Oh No! 🙂

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  1. Sunny Girl

     /  02/20/2013

    I think you should have not talked about the things you found. Sometimes it’s best not give them any ideas. lol

  2. You are smarter than me who would be making the trip back. One just can’t seem to resist making those type of purchases.


  3. Tess

     /  02/20/2013

    Oh no it right! Those butter paddles look perfectly awful to me;)

  4. Okay, all of those look pretty ouchy to me! And yet, I’d be tempted to buy something as well. lol Quick! Hide the cricket bat! 😉

  5. Those butter paddles look horrific. As do the fraternity ones. Yikes!

  6. Roz

     /  02/20/2013

    Hi Zoe, very wise of you, do not go back! Those butter paddles look seriously ouchy! Oh dear, shouldn’t have shared with Alex. Perhaps the cricket bat could mysteriously disappear LoL


  7. They are dangerous places! be very careful what you bring home is all I can say 🙂

  8. Cat

     /  02/20/2013

    Cricket bat Zoe? Uh oh…don’t really think it’s wise to give him any ideas. Just saying…

  9. lillie

     /  02/20/2013

    Long ago, in our pre dd days, I had a antique cricket paddle that I bought as a decoration for our basement. I have since lost it to vandalism but it was a fearsome looking weapon. When the older kids had a particularly rowdy gathering at our home, some idiot remove it from the basement wall and wrote “soul pole” on the side in permanent marker. I was livid.
    But you know….alll things considered it might now be the worst thing in the world that it is gone….just saying.

  10. Hmmm, maybe your friend was so uncomfortable because she’s been on the receiving end of a spanking! 😉

  11. There must be some teenage boy you can donate that cricket bat to…quickly Zoe, quickly!

    I’ve heard that butter paddles are very ouchy.

  12. Ami

     /  02/23/2013

    I can vouch for the fact that butter paddles are very ouchy! Luckily mine does not have undulations! (Is that the right word for those lines across it?!) Hateful things in fact! LOL!

    Stick to feathers I say!

    Hugs, Ami


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