A Little Thing

If you live anywhere on the eastern half of the US yesterday you more than likely had a day full of thunderstorms and rain. The crazy – it’s warm like May and now it’s going to be cold like January weather we have all been experiencing led to inevitable and sometimes violent thunderstorms. It can rattle us. I had to spend some time reassuring my carpool kids that while, yes, tornados are possible; no, they are not likely even in these conditions and they should not get too freaked out.Β Still when the line of thunderstorms is about 1000 miles long (no, that is not a typo) it gets people’s attention.

The thing that got my attention was the phone call I got from Alex. He knew I was on carpool duty waiting for the kids to finish their activity and the storms (all rain and some wind, nothing too extreme) were coming through. He called to check on me and as he said “make sure I was safe.”

I assured him I was and that I wouldn’t be driving for 20 more minutes. He gave me an update and reiterated for me to be careful on the drive home.

It was just one of my favorite calls in a long time. It made me feel so taken care of and so loved. It was a little thing really but it meant a lot to me. It said that he was thinking of me and that he cared. It said that I was important and that I mattered.


Maybe I am just more aware of these kinds of calls now because of our dynamic. It felt good to know that he was aware. It was a little thing that felt like a big hug and I did drive all the more carefully because of it.

Prayers to those people who truly were affected by the storms yesterday.

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  1. Tess

     /  01/31/2013

    Very sweet Zoe. I love those little things too:)

  2. I am all the way in the West, it just drizzles here. But I love getting phone calls like that too. So sweet.

  3. Dee

     /  01/31/2013

    Soo sweet. I agree, it’s the little things πŸ™‚

    Dee x

  4. It’s the little things like this that will often go forgotten when things aren’t going so well. I’m glad you blogged it. We need to keep them close in our memory; keep reminding ourselves of the good things we have when we don’t feel like we have so much. Thank you.

  5. It IS the littlest of things that speak the loudest. It’s knowing that we’re on their minds. I enjoy appreciating those things. I kind of feel sorry for the people who can’t see how loudly that speaks. Those are more than any ‘thing’ they could ever give us.


  6. Cat

     /  01/31/2013

    I totally agree Zoe…it is definitely the little things that really touch our hearts. Alex is definitely a ‘keeper’! πŸ˜‰


  7. Susie

     /  01/31/2013

    I love these little gestures that are so obvious and yet we can too often get used to them. A good guy you have Zoe!

  8. The little things are actually BIG.

  9. SNP

     /  01/31/2013

    Well said….I love the little things and especially when my guy checks on me as well:)

  10. Those storms were crazy! Then, the next day we get snow! Not much, melted by the evening.. But then all of a sudden more snow. And now today is a snow day! This crazy weather. πŸ™‚
    I’m with you. Enjoy the little things!! πŸ™‚

  11. That is super sweet, Zoe πŸ™‚ I love those little things, too!

  12. Zoe

     /  02/01/2013

    Thanks everyone! Sometimes I wonder if I should post stuff like this. Your positive responses mean a lot.

  13. Marie

     /  02/02/2013

    The little things are what warms my heart too. Helps me remember he really cares even when things are hectic. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Roz

     /  02/03/2013

    This is lovely Zoe, made me smile. I love the little things too. As Marie said, I love the reminder that he cares and is thinking of me.


  15. Oh yes Zoe, it’s wonderful and you’re right. I do think we notice it more. I also think that they read our appreciation, even if we don’t say it out loud. It really starts a more positive cycle. πŸ™‚


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