Scratch Pad

Our next door neighbor is this eccentric 80 something lady. She takes care of her own yard except for a small part in the back which we cut for her. Yesterday she put a thank you note in our mail box. (I blurred out the text of the note below.) Very sweet but the paper she used had us all really laughing. Funny and awkward all at the same time. I thought you might get a laugh too.

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  1. Slightly Naughty Princess (SNP)

     /  08/16/2012

    Ha! That is funny. Elderly people are so cute at times. And, very nice of you guys to help with her yard, too:)

  2. mypersonalthinkingspot

     /  08/16/2012

    Very cute!

  3. Dee

     /  08/17/2012

    Haha! Love it. 🙂

    Dee x

  4. That’s hilarious! Good for you for helping her out with her yard.

  5. Ha! Cute and funny! 😉

  6. dancingbarez

     /  08/17/2012

    I have to find one of those. That is great, thanks for sharing.

  7. No way! She’s great.

  8. Hilarious! I want one too!


  9. Zoe

     /  08/18/2012

    I’m glad you all liked it!

  10. I needed a good laugh thanks. Maybe it was her way of trying to let you know you have more things in common then you think, hahaha


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