Hi Ho Hi Ho

It’s off to drive I go.

Just a quick post as I head out the door for the next two weeks…

First order of business:

Mom and my sister who had recent surgery so I will act as nurse maid. Happily I am staying with my other sister and we will have fun together.

Second order of business:

A week in town with the in-laws and other family, and hopefully more than a few friends.

It should be all good. (All that family togetherness makes me a bit nervous but I can do it.)

I may have all kinds of time to write and check in and I may have no time so if I am absent you’ll know why.

All day in the car. Oh boy.

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  1. SNP

     /  07/16/2012

    Drive safely, hope all goes well, and enjoy your time!!

  2. faerie

     /  07/16/2012

    Have a safe trip and I hope everything from nurse maid duties, to family and friends go well for you.

  3. Well I hope you have a good time with your family even if you have to play nurse maid! Enjoy!

  4. I hope your trip goes well, Zoe!

  5. Blondie

     /  07/17/2012

    Hope you have a good time and an enjoyable trip

  6. Zoe

     /  07/17/2012

    Thanks everyone!

  7. Hope the drive went well Zoe!

  8. I hope your trip goes well, including all that family togetherness!

  9. Ana

     /  07/20/2012

    Best wishes and good luck!

  10. Zoe

     /  07/20/2012

    Thanks all! So far so good.

  11. Slightly Naughty Princess (SNP)

     /  07/25/2012

    Just touching base…been thinking of you…see your post above that things are going good so far. That is good news. Take care:)

  12. Zoe

     /  07/26/2012

    Hi SNP. That’s so sweet. The trip has been good but we will be happy to be home this weekend. Not much time to write though so that will have to wait until I get back. Thanks so much for checking in. It means a lot.


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