I think like many, I am the more talkative and Alex is the more quiet member of our pair. He is not one to use more words than he needs to. We are talking so much more lately but it is still me who does most of the talking and I almost always get the conversation started. I just love it though when he is in a talkative mood and that’s just what happened the other night.

By the end of the day he usually pretty tired and can fall asleep quickly so when he was tossing a bit knew something was up. He rolled over and started to ask me questions about what we are doing, what we like, what we don’t, what we want to do more of, what is working and what is not. It was more about what we do in the bedroom than Dd stuff. It was fun and refreshing to have him be the interrogator for a change. Eventually we were done talking and put some of what we had discussed into practice.

I was a little sad to have the talkative spell broken. I love getting a look into what he is thinking and feeling and when he is the one who is pushing the conversation he seems more open. I love the connection that that kind of conversation gives us. It was nice.

No real insights here I guess, just writing down those little moments of connection. I like that.

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  1. Talking is always good! It’s interesting seeing you write this, from the “more talkative” perspective. I’m the quiet one, so Cael really used to have to drag it out of me, and still sometimes has to. I’ve gotten better. But it’s interesting to see what the person on the other end is thinking. I will have to keep this in mind. I hope you get some more good talks.

    • Zoe

       /  07/09/2012

      Mee too Riley. He appreciated the post and says he will keep it in mind.

  2. Suzie

     /  07/09/2012

    I’m glad you two were able to talk. It’s always nice to hear what’s going on in the other person’s mind.

  3. Me too! I love it when M gets chatty. I learn so much and almost have to force myself to not encourage the conversation to go on longer or get too chatty myself. Sometimes it’s nice to stop and listen to him.

  4. Yes, I can relate here too. I really love it when H makes a strong effort to connect within this lifestyle. I’m so glad you had that moment. I think great progress is when all of those moments are added together. Life is made of these small moments of love.

    • Zoe

       /  07/09/2012

      “Life is made of these small moments of love.” That is so nice and I will have to remember it. We are having so many more of those moments than we used to. I am very grateful.


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