A Birthday Spanking and a Spanking On My Birthday

It’s my birthday. Alex was not supposed to be home until today but he surprised me last night and made it home so he could be here all day. Very sweet.

I got to sleep in. (One of my favorite things to do.) My youngest was at driver’s ed. (ARGHHH) and my son left for his work so we had some time alone and he asked if I wanted a birthday spanking.

Yes Please!

He explained that a birthday spanking was a nice slow hand spanking and proceeded to do just that. One swat for every year plus lots of nice caressing in between. By the time he was done I was pleasantly warm in more ways than one and we proceeded to other activities.

When we were done he asked if I just wanted a birthday spanking or did I also want a spanking on my birthday which would be a more intense maintenance session. As I said in my last post we haven’t been able to do maintenance or any kind of spanking in quite some time so it was time and as hard as it is for me to admit sometimes, a more intense session was exactly what I wanted.

Kids came home and then were sent to the pool and we finally got to reconnect the way we both have been wanting to do. He spanked and talked, went over some things that I need to pay attention to and brought us back together in an intense kind of way that we both wanted.

Off to fried chicken night at our club and then a movie later.

It has been a happy birthday.

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  1. SNP

     /  06/27/2012

    Warmest birthday wishes Zoe! So glad you got what you wanted and needed. Also that your husband made it home early! HB!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Zoe!! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday Zoe! It sounds like its been a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. Kat

     /  06/28/2012

    Happy Birthday Zoe!

  5. What a treat that he could make it home AND take such good care of you. Happy belated birthday!

  6. Dee

     /  06/28/2012

    You’re having me long for my birthday! Yep, definite advantages to getting ‘older’ 🙂

    Dee x

  7. Zoe

     /  06/28/2012

    Thanks for the wishes everyone!

  8. dancingbarez

     /  06/28/2012

    Happy Birthday Zoe, so glad you had a great day.

  9. What a nice surprise! Happy birthday (I think I am a day late now but…). Glad you were able to reconnect on your special day:)

  10. Zoe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    oh so hard to admit that a longer session is better- but how sweet of him to ask!
    I LOVE sleeping it too, and yum to fried chicken!
    Sounds like a lovely celebration with the man that you love!

  11. Happy Birthday Zoe! Sounds pretty perfect to me!

  12. Sara

     /  07/04/2012

    Happy belated Birthday Zoe! I am glad it was such a nice day! Sara

  13. Zoe

     /  07/04/2012

    Thanks for all the replies and birthday wishes. It was a fun day.


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