Morse Code Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day in Morse Code

My dad was a radioman in the Navy in World War II.  When he wrote “I Love You” to my mom he often wrote it in morse code.

So on Fathers Day I want to tell Alex how much I appreciate how great a husband and father he is like my dad used to.

I Love You Alex

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  1. Morse code…how neat! And I love the meaning behind it for you. I hope you had a lovely Father’s Day!

  2. Slightly Naughty Princess (SNP)

     /  06/18/2012

    Very touching. Thanks for sharing. Very unique and what neat memory you have and one you could pass on. Have a good Monday.

  3. Sara

     /  06/18/2012

    Hope your Father’s Day was a really nice one Zoe! Sara

  4. So sweet…and creative! Love it.

  5. Zoe

     /  06/18/2012

    My dad was a very unique man and quite wonderful. Thanks SNP.

    Thanks Sara. It was.

    I’m glad you liked it Tess.

  6. How sweet! 🙂


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