It’s OK – Take 2

So I wrote a post called It’s OK and it was up, a couple of comments were made. It was all good. Well sort of. Somehow when it saved it didn’t update the save date so it looked like it was posted on Tuesday not Friday. Hmm.

Then I went to my daughter’s play and while waiting I got on WordPress on my iphone and the post just disappeared. I have no idea what happened. It was gone. Don’t you just love technology.

Anyway when I came home I was able to restore it so it’s all good I guess.

Her play was great and all the house guests are gone. It will be weird for her to have no play practice 3-4  hours a night anymore but I can’t say I will miss the drop off and pick up taxi duty.

So far no reconnect for us other than a few swats. I am defs getting antsy.

(Translation – Defs = definitiely, probs = probably, maybs = maybe. Teenager talk.)


Defs antsy.

Probs no spanking today.

Mabs soon???

A girl can hope.

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  1. LOL…yes, you can hope. Probs.

    The trouble for me in these times is that I eventually go over the top and when we finally get to it, I get WAY more of a spanking than I want. Sigh.

    I’ve had posts disappear too and always when I’ve been messing with it from a different device. It’s really annoying!

    • Zoe

       /  05/21/2012

      I knew it would be this way so I am trying to be mature and not go over the top but it stinks to be mature sometimes. 🙂

      Disappearing posts are really annoying.

  2. How odd that your post just disappeared — defs odd! Cute post 😉


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