Quick Update

Last week in Accountability Time I talked about using ttwd to help in my weight loss. It was a hard post to write and hard to ask Alex for his help.

Well I am proud that I did meet my weekly goal and I am on track for this week too.

I don’t want this to turn into a weight loss blog so I won’t post about it often but I did want to update last weeks post.

Thanks for all the encouragement. So appreciated!!

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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations & keep up the hard work! 🙂

  2. Zoe

     /  03/27/2012

    Thanks Grace! I will. 🙂

  3. Jennica

     /  03/27/2012

    My hubs and I just started tracking my weight loss today and using dd to motivate me. It was your blog that gave me the idea, so thank you! I feel like this will really give me the push I need. Congrats on your progress, you are an inspiration!

  4. Zoe

     /  03/27/2012

    Wow Jennica, that is so nice!

    We have gone slow with this and never actually spanked for it. It is often more that I know that he is noticing and I really care what he thinks and how I look for him. I know he will if I need him to. I needed that motivation last week and I feel a new sense of motivation now. I think that may be how it will work going forward. We both want me to mostly rely on self discipline but will use ttwd if it is needed.

    I do feel so much better and bought jeans in a new size over the weekend. Yay!!

    Thanks so much for commenting and reading my blog. It means a lot to know that I may have helped.

  5. Woo hoo! Good for you Zoe. I just got off my bike…it felt good.

    • Zoe

       /  03/27/2012

      Thanks Susie! It does feel good to take care of yourself doesn’t it? I did my strength class this morning and it did feel good.

  6. This is fantastic Zoe! You should be really proud of yourself! Woo-hoo! 🙂

    • Zoe

       /  03/27/2012

      Elysia, I am proud. Seeing the results makes it easier to keep going. (And his help too.) 😉

  7. Marie

     /  08/14/2012

    Good luck on working towards your Goal! Awsome to hear that he was willing to help.
    I use this idea towards mantaining good grades in school. I’m in college and I want to do well. I am reminded each week to stay on top of my studying, and if my grades slip I’m punished. Although it’s hard for me to tell him sometimes when I get a low grade on a test or paper, I feel a ton better after I’m punished for it because I stop beating myself up about it and just become more focussed on suceeding.
    Great Blog by the way- Thank you for writing! It’s hard to find ways to share how this dynamic helps me in my life, and how it has created such a peacefull, solid relationship between my husband an I! Most people would think it’s just kink, or abuse, or who knows what! Nice to have a safe place to share.


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