Paddle Sports

I don’t know if everyone is aware but kayaking is a great sport and recreational activity. Kayakers paddle…  so if you kayak you can wear shirts that say…



and even

You can even put this…

on your car if you want to.

Aren’t paddle sports wonderful?!

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  1. Zoe, those are wonderful. I have a paddle-shaped implement rack, and one of those signs would go perfectly with it.


  2. For Christmas my hubby bought me an iPad. As a fun token of my appreciation I got him an iPaddle t-shirt from Cafe Press. He loves it! When he puts it on and I’m present he likes to point to the words on the shirt and remind me. Silly man.

  3. Oh…and we do kayak so it’s only a matter of time when he wears it in public and grins at me all through the day.

  4. LOL, love these! I’ve seen a few similar, but not these exact ones. I want the first one- where did you find it? Is there a link to buy one?

    LOL to Susie too. Just be careful when you bend down to push your kayak into the water that your husband is not standing behind you. I have this issue when we are making pizza and my husband is holding the pizza peel.

    He will make sure the kids are in the other room and **smack**! -“Hey!”
    We are *not* getting kayaks! Those paddles are thicker than peels! lol Ouch! 🙂

  5. Zoe

     /  03/09/2012

    Hermione, I’m glad you liked them!

    Susie, I hadn’t thought about ipaddle shirts working with the ipad. Too funny. I’m sure your hubby does love to wear it so he can smirk at you. You did say you bought it for him so there you go.

    Elysia, The link is at the bottom of the post. They have lots of shirts so you may have to go through a few pages to find the right one. The pizza peel would be quite dangerous. I’ll keep that in mind next time I use mine.

  6. Ha! These are great, thanks for sharing! lol


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