I don’t cry much during spanking. But I have really been thinking about the few times I have and I think there are similarities.

So far it has not been the pain that has brought me to tears at least not exactly. Yes I have cried because of a particularly hard swat but that is really more because of the surprise of it than the actual pain. Other times the sessions have been pretty intense but it was the sudden change from dealing with the spanking, and him wanting to stop and move on to other activities that has been difficult.

I think for me it has all been about expectations. I go into a spanking session with an expectation of how it will go and those differences can sometimes throw me. If the spanking is suddenly harder than I was expecting or stops while I am really trying to concentrate and get through, and I suddenly have to switch gears, that can cause a real emotional swing and that is what triggers the tears.

Does that make sense to anyone else?

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  1. Yes! The emotional trigger and change will often set me off and the extra stingy unexpected swat can as well.

  2. Zoe

     /  03/04/2012


  3. Oh, this last time had me balling! It was partly our disagreement during the spanking. I wanted what I wanted, and it wasn’t going that way. Strange that when he made it clear that he was in control of the spanking and not me, that I was better able to cope with the emotions. Later, I think that part helped me to get over the disagreement too. Still learning here as well.

  4. Zoe

     /  03/07/2012

    Elysia, I try not to control the spankings either but sometimes that is so hard especially since we are pretty new to this and still learning. I do think I am (trying) getting better at trusting him and letting him take it where he wants it to go. There seems to be a rhythm to this and I agree that him taking control makes me process it better.


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