Our Journey

It is so weird to me to be writing a blog on Dd, in fact I never really thought about having a blog on any topic. But I guess that is just one more unexpected and interesting thing that this new lifestyle has brought into my life.

Right or wrong Alex and I found ourselves in a marriage that could easily have ended in divorce. The power struggles between us had pushed us so far apart that we had both quit trying. There was no fighting or bickering, there was just coexistence often with little or no communication.

The distance between us finally got so great that I knew things had to change in a big way or we would not survive. I knew that I had an interest in spanking but had never really explored that side of myself and had never confided this to Alex. I started by doing some research and initially brought it up to revitalize our nonexistent love life. The change was immediate. Our happiness and communication improved as we opened up to each other in all aspects of our life.

My research eventually brought me to Dd blogs and I was intrigued. The idea appealed to me on many levels and much of the change we were experiencing was because I had already given over control to him on an informal basis. I began to see how beneficial a submissive mindset was for the happiness in our home and so I asked him if he would formalize this dynamic. He would become the one Head of Household and I would submit to his decisions. He agreed. 

I think the way we approached bringing spanking into our life allowed him to “practice’’ with erotic spanking and get comfortable with that. He and I both believe that hitting a woman is abuse but we came to see that spanking is not abuse and that it is something that I want and desire.But Domestic Disciple also brings in the aspect of punishment and I came to see that as something I needed in our spanking relationship too. Punishment brings an emotional aspect and structure that allows me to further explore a submissive side I don’t ever think I knew was there and allows me to follow his lead which I have come to see as a real gift.

 I have a degree in Marketing and spent the first few years of our marriage working. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my now 19-year-old son was born. During that time we have made several moves for his job both here in the US and overseas. We have raised three amazing kids by making sure that whatever they needed to be successful was available. Our kids have gone to many different kinds of schools both public and private including homeschooling for a time. We have also parented our son though a significant learning disability and made sure that he attended a school to help him deal with that. The effort and decisions that were needed to make that all happen took most of my time and energy but it has paid off. Our daughter attends one of the Ivy’s, our son is at one of the top public universities in America and our youngest will also be able to attend the school of her choice.

 I am smart and capable and honestly can handle my life without guidance but I have come to appreciate how comforting it is to allow myself to lean on him. This journey has already been surprising in so many ways and I look forward to the revelations to come.


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  1. Stormy

     /  03/08/2012

    Wonderful post! I wanted to start at the beginning, and read from there. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your story.

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